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Integrate background jobs - Message Queues & Crons via HTTP

Effortless Integration: No RabbitMQ, SQS, or complex setups. Just a simple & powerful HTTP API.

Integrate background jobs into your application now!

With ServerlessQ you can integrate message queues and cron jobs easily without a cloud provider like AWS, GCP, or Azure!

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Integrate it easily within your preferred cloud environment


Skip the Hassle: Easy Async Systems with No Extra Learning

Message Queue without the hassle

No AWS Account, no IAM, no complicated billing. Just a simple message queue.

Give you users the experience they deserve

Build proper asynchronous systems. You don't need to wait for responses in the background. Queue them!

No special knowledge required.

You don't need to study SQS, RabbitMQ, or Kafka before building your message queue. We give you proper defaults that simply work.

Reuse your existing APIs.

You most likely already have a way to build an API (e.g. on Vercel). Reuse it by simply queueing your messages. No need to separate your codebase.

Create Serverless Message Queues

ServerlessQ allows you to create message queues and forward messages to these. You can have multiple queues for all your different application needs.

Create message queues

Better understand your requests

We'll give you a better understanding of your incoming requests and how they are handled. Were they successful or not? Did the system need to retry? You can see all of that in your requests tab.

Request Overview

Create Cron Jobs Easily

We combine the power of message queues with Cron Jobs and let you execute regular events at a specific time. Retries on failures? No problem.

Create Cron Jobs

Build Better applications

Example Use Cases

Everything that is not crucial for you users after calling the API can be done in the background. It will increase the performance and UX immensely.

Let's see some example use-cases.

Transform Posts into Podcasts

After users are creating posts you will transform them into audio podcasts.

Creating Users in Social Network

After users are signing up you'll start a background task to find suitable follower.

Bulk of Emails

Send a large number of emails and batch them per message.

Overcome Timeouts

Split up long-running tasks into single messages to overcome lambda timeouts.

Image Scaling

After an image was uploaded, scale the image into several sizes.

User Analytics

Calculate user analytics after your users executing APIs.

Create several Accounts

After your user signs up create Stripe, Zendesk, and CRM accounts in the background. No need for your user to wait for that.

Retry incoming Webhooks

Execute and retry incoming webhook requests


Send weekly newsletters to your users

Pricing that grows with you.

Simple & transparent pricing completely based on your number of requests. You don't have any requests? You won't pay a dime. Your product hits the market? Pricing scales with you 🚀



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We are three fullstack developers who are passionate about building serverless applications. We saw the rise of serverless platforms like Vercel, Netlify, and others. But for more professional applications you need more. That's what ServerlessQ is.